Couture Furniture.

We are leading bespoke furniture makers based in London, we make exceptional pieces of furniture with the same unique approach that we started out with in 2005.


We don’t really have a house style or product, instead we design each piece specifically for the space it will occupy, making it an appropriate form and style for the setting, making it’s function fit the brief but not necessarily dictate the design. We do have a house standard – everything we make and do has to be exceptional, in it’s form, function, finish and service. Our customers invariably want something better than standard, we understand this, it is what we do.


It is difficult to make something exceptional without a love for the process, it’s difficult to push boundaries without passion. Our designers and makers have many years of experience, a deep understanding of design and materials that only comes from dedication and¬†practice, this together with a passion for making beautiful products makes our team outstanding.